Local Plan deadline looming – Write before 24th July at 1200

The consultation on the Guildford Borough Council proposed Submission Plan under Regulation 19 draws to a close on Monday.  Please write to localplan@guildford.gov.uk to object to the inclusion of Three Farms Meadows as an allocated site for over 2,000 homes.

Points to include:

  • the evidence base is unsound, out of date and inconsistent.  Particularly the SHMA, (2017 Guildford Update), the ELNA, the SHAR, the Green Belt and Countryside Study, and the Air Quality review.
  • there is no comprehensive list of the evidence base making it impossible to know what the Council relies upon.
  • it is littered with basic errors, including simple mathematical errors.
  • the drafting is weak and unenforceable.
  • there is no justification for including TFM (site A35) due to sustainability, air quality, impact on the TBHSPA, green belt, infrastructure cost.

if you would like more comprehensive guidance please email wisleyactiongroup@gmail.com


East Horsley Meeting – 12th April 2017

WAG gave an update to a packed East Horsley Village Hall audience on the forthcoming appeal hearing which is due to start on September 19th 2017 and run for 20 days. To see an abridged version of the presentation use this link 12 Apr 17 Horsley open meeting. The meeting was attended by Sir Paul Beresford MP and local borough and county councillors and candidates.

The appeal will be determined by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government currently Sajid Javid.

Guildford Local Plan

Here’s the latest information on the Guildford Local Plan proposed timetable.

20th April – GBC Special meeting of the Borough, Economy and Infrastructure Executive Advisory Board to discuss the proposed submission plan – then:

Further targeted public consultation in June-July 2017only asking for comments about the proposed changes to the plan.

  • Submission to the planning inspectorate for Examination (Regulation 22) – December 2017
  • Pre-examination meeting – February 2018
  • Examination in public – hearings (Regulation 24) – April 2018
  • Anticipated adoption (Regulation 26) – December 2018
  • Update Policies Map – December 2018

Wisley Properties appeal refusal of planning permission

WIPL have registered an appeal against the refusal by Guildford Borough Council for 2068 homes at Three Farms Meadows. Wisley Action Group and Ockham Parish Council have been granted Rule 6 status which allows us to cross-examine the applicant’s submissions.
The appeal is scheduled to take place in September 2017 in Guildford and is likely to last for almost three weeks

Three Farms Meadows filming appeal thrown out

WAG is pleased that the Inspector has thrown out the appeal on the temporary use of the site for filming.  The Inspector concludes:

“On balance, I consider that the identified benefits of the proposal individually or in combination do not clearly outweigh the harm to the Green Belt by reason of inappropriateness, and the other identified harm. Consequently, very special circumstances do not exist and the proposal runs contrary to Section 9 of the Framework.”

see the full decision here 3133032 – Appeal Decision (3)