Planning Appeal – Day 1

An interesting day….
At 1804 on Monday night WAG,together with other rule 6 parties received an additional 161 pages of evidence from the Appellant.
Today, at least 100 members of the public and representatives of the press heard opening statements from the Appellant, GBC and the rule 6 parties who are WAG/Ockham Parish Council; East & West Horsley Parish Councils; Cobham Heritage and Conservation Trust; Ripley Parish Council; Mr & Mrs Paton and Highways England. Statements were also made by Sir Paul Beresford MP and Revd Hugh Grear, (the Rector of All Saints’ Ockham).
At the beginning of the afternoon session, Richard Max, made a statement on behalf of the Royal Horticultural Society.
Richard Harwood QC, representing WAG/OPC invited the Inspector to rule on whether the Inquiry should continue due to the extremely late submission of a significant volume of evidence.
It was agreed that the Air Quality experts would convene on 20th Sept to ascertain whether the new evidence has a significant impact on the timetable.
The hearing will continue at 1100 tomorrow when the Inspector is expected to rule on whether the Inquiry can continue and if so what evidence will be considered