Watch petitioners slam GBC for development at West Horsley and Hog’s Back

Watch the public criticisms of the Issues and Options Paper

Watch the webcast

There have been no less than FIVE petitions organised by members of the public to protest at different elements of Guildford Borough Council’s (GBC’s) local plan process.

If a petition gets more than 500 subscribers then the Petitioner is granted 10 minutes to address the council and up to ten others may speak for 3 minutes each.

All of these petitions received well over 500 votes and most were stopped soon after the 500 threshold was crossed. This is an indication of the strength of feeling and level or concern generated by the local plan process.

Extraordinary Meeting of GBC on 13 January, 2014

This meeting was held to hear two petitions:

Keep West Horsley in the Green Belt   And

Save the Hogs Back

The webcast of the meeting is at:

Watch the public speakings presenting their cases in three minutes each.

If you are pressed for time just listen to the speeches made by the petition organisers and take 10 minutes to listen to the speeches by Mr Mark Payne, Dr Peter Shaw and Mr Ben Patton.

You will be left in no doubt that the local plan is a mess.

Time in webcast Speaker comment
2:12:23 Mr Jules Cranwell Petition organiser: Keep West Horsley in the Green Belt
2:19:42 Mrs Karen Stevens Petition organiser: Save the Hog’s Back
00:36:07 Mr Robert Burch Resident: Critique of University’s building plans
00:39:34 Mr Tom Stevens Lack of road infrastructure: unacceptable congestion
00:43:00 Mr Martin Dowland No justificaton to change the Green Belt boundary at Manor Farm again
00:46:03 Mr Peter Elliott Save the Hog’s Back: environmental vandalism
00:49:35 Mr Tim Harrold Council for the Protection of Rural England
00:53:12 Mr Ramsey Nagaty Resident of Hog’s Back
00:57:00 Mr Mark Payne Resident: Broken promises(Must listen to this. It is brilliant)
01:00:33 Mrs Susan Parker Guildford Green Belt Group:
01:04:23 Mr Tony Thompson
01:08:13 Dr Peter Shaw Resident: Statistics distorted by students(Must listen to this. It is brilliant)
01:11:22 Mr Ben Patton Resident: ‘This document is not fit for purpose’(Must listen to this. It is brilliant)

See the list of petitions on GBC’s website here:

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