Why GBC’s housing numbers do not add up. Listen to the public

Watch the public slam the housing numbers

Mrs Susan Parker of Guildford Green Belt launched a petition to

prepare a new SHMA and reject the consultant’s draft report as inadequate

Jane Buckingham launched a petition to

recognise the wishes of Effingham residents of maintaining the Green Belt between Effingham and Bookham when Guildford Borough Council is consulted on the Mole Valley Green Belt review.

Members of the public had the opportunity to address GBC on these issues at the Extraordinary Meeting of the Council on 26 February, 2014.

Watch the webcast:


The public speakers are not all named on the webcast.

You will be left in no doubt that the developers attack on the Green Belt is unjustified.

Watch the speakers demolish the SHMA housing figures.

See especially Mrs Susan Parker, Dr Peter Shaw, Mr Roland McKinney, Mrs Helen Jefferies and Mr Ben Paton

Time in webcast Speaker comment
00:15:19 Arnold Pinner Chairman of Effingham Parish Council
00:18:28 David King Sec of Effingham Ratepayers Assoc
00:21:46 Lowis Driscoll Effingham Resident
00:24:26 Mr Tim Harrold Council for the Protection of Rural England
00:26:56 Susan Morris Local Historian
00:30:08 Vivianne White Effingham Resident and Historian
00:33:29 Mr Roland McKinney Effingham Resident
00:36:59 Public speaker Need vs demand
00:39.57 Dr Peter Shaw Student population demographics errors
00:43:14 Mr Ben Paton Judgement required in choosing housing numbers
00:46:39 Mrs Helen Jefferies House prices in Guildford
00:50:01 Public Speaker Inaccuracies in the evidence
00:53:17:13 Mr Roland McKinney Congestion
00:56:40 Public Speaker Shortcomings of SHMA
01:02:15 Jane Buckingham Effingham petition organiser
01:19:25 Jane Buckingham Effingham petition organiser
01:26:50 Mrs Susan Parker SHMA petition organiser
02:15:45 Mrs Susan Parker SHMA petition organiser

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