You Tube video of Three Farms Meadow (aka Former Wisley Airfield

Like to see the real thing?
Look at this You Tube Video

There is a lot of misinformation about the Former Wisley Airfield.

For a start

  • the land is not in Wisley. It is wholly within the Parish of Ockham.
  • the land is not an airfield. 75% of it is agricultural land and grassland and woodland – according to the developer’s own website. Of the total land parcel perhaps only 10% has been ‘previously developed’ ie has had structures on it.
  • the land does not fulfill ANY of the purposes of the Green Belt. This is false. It obviously does.
  • the land is ‘derelict’. This is obviously false. And, even if it were true it would be irrelevant to the purposes of the Green Belt.
  • GBC can take the land out of the Green Belt and replace it with land in Ash/Tongham. This is false. Exceptional circumstances MUST be shown BOTH to add land at Ash/Tongham AND to remove land at Ockham. Any land at Ash would barely be relevant to London’s Metropolitan Green Belt. NO exceptional circumstances have been set out.
  • The site is sustainable. This is false. GBC’s own consultants, Pegasus, give Ockham a sustainability score of 4 points in the Settlement Hierarchy. That is the second worst score in the entire borough. Pegasus states that there are almost no services or facilities in Ockham.
  • The site has good transport links. This is false. The only link available to HGVs is via Elm Corner onto the A3. This access has no acceleration and deceleration lane and is known to be dangerous. Planning permission to build a NEW access for a waste processing facility has NEVER BEEN ACTIONED. The land is therefore conceptually IDENTICAL with any other agricultural land on either side of the A3 between Guildford and Junction 10.

There are many videos of aeroplanes at the former airfield. That must make it an airfield? WRONG. They are videos posted by model aeroplane enthusiasts who have permission from the farmer to fly their MODEL aeroplanes from the west end of the former runway.

For more on the history of this land see Wikipedia:

Like to see the real thing?

Look at this You Tube Video


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