Why you should care

We know it’s easy to think that this is someone else’s problem. But, no matter where you live, the proposal for Three Farms Meadows is dangerous and should be opposed by anyone who cares about the state of the Green Belt and the British countryside, for four big reasons.

Poppy_Field1. If they build on Wisley they can build on any part of the green belt.

Even if you do not live near this site, be in no doubt – building here sets a dangerous precedent.

Wherever you live, if you don’t help us stop this plan, there will be somewhere near you that greedy developers and local councils will earmark next for housing.

Stand with us now. And save not only beautiful Wisley, but also the precious principle of the green belt, which is under assault from developers as never before.

David Cameron and his ministers have repeatedly stated they will not build on the green belt, except in exceptional need, and only then if it is sustainable, so let’s hold them to that promise.

The green belt provides an oxygen belt around our towns and cities. It prevents urban sprawl. If this stretch of countryside is built on, London will effectively join up with Guildford. That affects everyone who comes to this area to walk, picnic, bike ride, horse-ride and enjoy the countryside. Those from the suburbs of south London will be just as affected, if not more, than local people if this stretch of countryside disappears.

If the Surrey green belt is concreted over, tens of thousands of people who most need it will lose the opportunity to enjoy the countryside.

If you agree that a weekend ramble across green fields and meadows can be what makes life worthwhile, then stand with us to keep the Surrey green belt!

But there are even more reasons why you should fight to stop this development:

2012-07-29 20.01.292. Farmland means food. 

The Three Farms Meadows at Wisley is prime agricultural land growing the food we eat. We hear a lot about eating local, eating organic, eating slow food that has not been imported from abroad. But what are we actually doing to ensure that farming in this country, especially in the south east, is kept going?

By objecting to this proposed development, you will be saving farmland producing substantial harvests of award-winning wheat, oats, barley, linseed and oil seed rape. Isn’t it nice when you butter a slice of toast, or put a piece of cheese on a crispbread biscuit, to think that it might be made from Wisley wheat?

But the tenant farmers who farm this land will be evicted if and when the land is sold for housing.

By supporting this campaign, you will saving a way of life, and the principle that we eat food grown on British soil.


2013-06-29 19.18.04_wildflowers_crop3. The Birds and the bees, not to mention the badgers and the bats need YOU!

The Three Farms Meadows is a sanctuary for wild life, much of it endangered.

In summer time, the meadows hum with the activity of the little creatures who thrive in the trees and long grasses.

There are adders in the beautiful grasslands known as The Snakes Field. There are ground-nesting birds in a part of the site which has been officially designated SSSI – site of special scientific interest.

There are badger sets, as well as foraging bats. All these creatures will have nowhere to go and ultimately perish if the land is concreted over for housing.

Rare plants are also part of this natural habitat. And it is within a few hundred yards of the world-famous Royal Horticultural Gardens at Wisley, where the flowers and plants could be damaged by air-born debris from a composting plant the developers are proposing.

4. The damage to the local environment

The Local Plan mentioned, almost in passing that a new town at Three Farms Meadows would ‘absorb’ the medieval hamlet of Ockham, the birthplace of William of Ockham, the famous Mediaeval philosopher and inventor of the theory of Occam’s Razor, which held that you should always go with the simplest solution.

If William were here now he would surely say the simplest solution to this problem is – don’t build on the Green Belt!

And what of Ockham and Wisley commons? Will you still be able to enjoy a peaceful dog walk there, with an extra five million people living minutes away?

This development would scar the landscape. The area surrounding the Three Farms Meadows is officially designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). Let’s keep it that way…

One thought on “Why you should care”

  1. I sympathise up to a point as i am a Kingston resident and current proposals include residential tower blocks of over 20 storeys. People have to live somewhere, why should we take it all? Its not greenbelt, its a dirty great concrete disused runway which your idyllic pictures fail to show.
    I love the Surrey countryside as much as you – i cycle in it most weekends (sorry to get in the way of your diesel 4 x 4’s, perhaps that’s why the pollution levels are already high)
    You are just going to have to accept some development which you seem happy to do when you are extending your own properties

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