Wisely development: ‘A massive assault on the Guildford’s green belt’

An article in the Surrey advertiser announces the latest planning application – for 2,100 homes on Three Farm Meadows.

The Wisley Action Group has criticised the proposal, saying it is illogical, ill-conceived and a massive assault on Guildford’s green belt at a time when the council declared support for its protection.

“While the Cayman Island-based owners of Three Farms Meadows, the former Wisley Airfield, have repeatedly claimed that the land represents the largest previously developed area in Guildford, it quite clearly isn’t,” a spokesman for the action group said.

“Nearly three-quarters of this green belt location is farmland and open countryside and has always been so. And, as confirmed by leading counsel, Peter Village QC, there is insufficient available land for a proposal of this nature.

“The area lacks existing facilities – as already confirmed by the Green Belt and Countryside Study, prepared for Guildford Borough Council by Pegasus Consulting.

“No utilities, no sewerage, no drainage, highways, pavements, shops, surgeries, schools.

“The local infrastructure would be totally unable to cope.

“Undoubtedly the prospect of some 5,000 extra cars jamming the already congested roads in Ockham, Horsley, Ripley, Cobham, Effingham, Bookham and other areas will make this proposal a matter of deep concern for the whole borough.”

One thought on “Wisely development: ‘A massive assault on the Guildford’s green belt’”

  1. I have only just heard about this proposal this afternoon, I was at a friends house in Ockham when a lady posted a brochure at their house, they live in green lane and have more than 100 house being threatened to be built at the end of their lane. I live in Woodham near Westbyfleet and had never even heard of these houses being built let alone the Massive 2,100 threat at the old airfield, I’m sure more people would be interested in helping if they knew about this awful threat to our lives in this area. I have a friend who lives in Pyrford near Wisley and she has never heard about this either, maybe more leaflet drops in other areas would help your cause too. Would the R.H.S at Wisley let you petion the public on this matter as it will affect the village.
    Lynda Simons

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