The invasion into Surrey’s greenbelt – and how with proposed new town plays its part

If you want to see how Guildford borough can just become another bit of Greater London, take a look at how the greenbelt is being eroded. This first map shows the Greenbelt as a whole..


This second map shows how the gaps are starting to appear, shows where the proposed Wisley New Town is..and details the villages that have been proposed to be taken out of the greenbelt..


Three Farm Meadows ( the Former Wisley Airfield) is the big light blue blob. The other numbered items are the 16 villages that Guildford Borough council proposed to take out the Green belt as part of its draft Local Plan. They aree: 1.Normand; 2.Flexford; 3.Fairlands; 4.Wood Street Village; 5.Peasmarsh; 6.Shalford; 7.Chilworth; 8.Shere; 9.Gomshall; 10.Jacobs Well; 11.Ripley; 12.Send; 13.Send Marsh & Burntcommon; 14.West Horsley; 15.East Horsley; 16.Effingham

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