Powerful arguments and persuasive evidence against building a so-called ‘Garden Village’ on high grade farmland at ‘Three Farms Meadows’ – the former Wisley airfield – will oppose an anticipated planning application for more than 2,000 houses.   And WAG, the Wisley Action Group, strongly believes that planning approval is far from a “done deal”.

It’s a viewpoint substantiated by a wealth of evidence suggesting that the aspirations and intentions of the most recent owners, Taylor-Wimpey [T-W], to build on this former Green Belt land could  be little more than a developer’s pipe dream.

13 Reasons For Rejection

T-W’s cosmetic veneer of “community liaison” has failed to explain how such a development would override 13 of the 14 reasons why a similar scheme  was rejected on appeal by the Secretary of State [SoS] in June 2018.  In dismissing the appeal, the SoS referred to the lack of transport infrastructure as a “fatal flaw in the scheme” and went on to spotlight the impact on air quality, among other key issues.

Inaccurate Statistics

Guildford’s controversial Local Plan [LP] has been called into doubt with specific reference to an overestimate on housing need.  A review of the LP is currently underway alongside major questions relating to population figures provided by the Office of National Statistics [ONS]. The Office for Statistics and Regulation [OSR] has already found that estimates for Guildford, “seem to be inconsistent with and potentially higher than local evidence would suggest”.

Junction 10 Works in Doubt

Meanwhile a massive question mark hangs over the issue of increased A3 traffic and the necessity for works at Junction 10 of the M25/A3, with National Highways and Surrey County Council seemingly in disarray.  But it’s clear that without J10 works, no major housing development at Wisley could reasonably be sanctioned.  Meanwhile the Secretary of State has once again delayed his decision on a Development Consent Order until May 2022

With the continuing help and support of its members and local campaign groups, WAG is once again preparing to defend the farm land at the former Wisley airfield.

Stub Road Application Turned-Down

A planning application by Taylor-Wimpey to build a stub road for access to ‘Three Farms Meadows’, the former Wisley airfield, was unanimously rejected by Guildford Borough Council on December 1st 2021.

Aspects of Three Farms Meadows

Prime Agricultural Land