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The Developers vs The Truth

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  1. David Tipping says:

    His brow furrowed with passion, David Cameron once said of the Green Belt: ‘I would no more put that at risk than I would put at risk my own family’
    Communities Secretary Eric Pickles was just as emphatic a few months later: ‘protecting the character of the countryside is stamped deep in the heart of Conservatism. The green belt plays a vital role in stopping urban sprawl and we will protect it’

    For their sake and before the next general election lets hope they start to believe in what they say. Or is it all talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. malcolm king says:

    As a Cobham resident for nearly 50 years I support sympathetic developments. I have had the privilege of living in this area and I would love my children to be able to afford to live here. Yes it will change but overall, like all change, it will be seen for the good. We will have a more balanced community that is not dominated by £2m+ houses and the people who live in them.