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Just some of the reasons why we believe building 2,100 homes in the middle of the Green belt is a bad idea

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  1. Rosemary Pearce says:

    There are so many brownfield sites that are an eyesore on the environment, are close to shops, schools and other necessary facilities, that to set up satellite developments where these facilities are not available or will need to be added, seems a total nosense and certainly seems to make a mockery of the word ‘Planning’. Our countryside is precious, please help to preserve it, not destroy it.

  2. Kenneth Wood says:

    Although I live in Spain at the moment, we still have a house in Byfleet.The area in question is totally inadequate due to the over used road structure. A slight RTA on the A3 orM25 brings the whole area to a standstill, there doesn’t seem to be much thought on access or exit.Thinking the lanes in Ockham and the surrounding areas will be suitable is a joke, I worked in that area for a number of years and even then the traffic was horrendous. My humble advice forget it , it will not work.

  3. Sandie Pavey says:

    I have only heard about this today, by a chance visit to Spring Reach Nursery! Living behind Hinchley Wood Secondary School, which is a ‘No Go Area’ between 2.30 – 4.30 pm already, as the road is already blocked by Mothers/Fathers collecting children. If these houses are built on our breathing Green Belt – extra Buses would be clogging the area further as lots of children attending this Secondary School come from the Effingham area already. This is disastrous news and has not been thought through.