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WAG Response to GBC Green Belt and Countryside study

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  1. neil mcfarlane says:

    Its a depressing fact of our times that all governments will tell the public what they think it wants to hear to gain power but once there, those that gave them the opportunity to represent them are ignored and big business becomes their new best friend.
    Clearly the Three Meadows Farm site has become a money making vehicle for some of ‘call me Dave’s’ new friends who are preparing to pretty ruthlessly exploit it by all means possible. There is not a shred of evidence that any consideration is being given to the sites current status as a public/nature venue.
    Does Guildford need a new town? I’ve never heard anyone from anywhere ever mention it.
    If it does are there any other options for development? Plenty but none owned by RAB so not considered.
    What are the benefits of a new town to the local area? There are none as an infrastructure will have to be provided on site and development profits will be hidden offshore.
    In other words, local wants and requirements are being trampled to accommodate a profit making project that will ruin the area for ever and line the pockets of big business.
    Its a perfect example of the electorates priorities come way, way below that of big business once the voting’s over.
    It stinks.